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     Natalie awoke.  She stretched her naked arms into the morning high.  Under the sheet she arched her naked body.  And she stared out the window at another beautiful day ~ another beautiful day without him.

     Natalie sighed ~ sadly.

     He was in Mexico working on his masterpiece ~ insisted on going alone ~ and that left Natalie alone ~ lying in the big brass bed.

     Natalie got up.  She slipped on her white tiny bikini.  In the kitchen, in the blender, she fixed a magic drink ~ and leaning against the cool counter, she drank it.

     Today she was not going to sun bathe by their private pool ~ alone.  She was going to go to the beach ~ to work on a masterpiece of her own.


     Pete was at the beach ~ kicked back with the easiest company he could find ~ a paperback book, a beer, a view, and on his head a shady hat.  That was good enough for him.

     The waves were breaking high.  A half hour earlier, body surfing, Pete had caught just one of these waves ~ a foamy refreshing one.  And that was good enough for him.

     The beach was too crowded.  But the breeze was pleasant.  There were no big black clouds in the sky.  And the sun, as usual, was smoking its nose.  Yeap, that was good enough for ~

     Pete gulped.

     Out of the crowd walked a woman wearing a white, very tiny bikini. Her body was tanned golden, was willowy and loose and devastatingly revealed.  And she was walking right at Pete!

     Pete was wearing nothing but an old shredded pair of white jeans cut-off short.  He was sitting with one knee up.  When the woman was two yards away, something too hard for Pete's shorts to handle, leaped out next to his thigh, rude and bold.  The woman saw it.  Pete blushed, hid it quickly with the open pages of his paperback.

     The woman stood still for an electric moment, then ventured to say, "Your cock reads books?  My goodness, you must have a smart one!"

     Pete laughed.

     Natalie dropped her bag and laid out her towel two yards away from the young stranger.


     She was a bit older than him, by about 10 years.  But she was still looking good.  On her back she lay, her legs stretched out away from where he sat.

     All Pete could see was the top of Natalie's head with its long, slightly dry, slightly gray hair tangled around her shoulders ~ and the shallow, bony valley expansively exposed between the barely concealed nipples of her lithe breasts ~ and when she raised one rather shapely leg, he could see around her lightly toasted marshmallow belly directly into her bikini bottom, which was, of course, stuffed with curly, God subduing poetry!

     For Pete the view was now more than good enough.  It was downright disturbing.  He read one simple little sentence in his book again and again and again until all he could do was throw the book down, and his hat too, finish his beer and grin.


     Nothing seems to be wrong with this guy, thought Natalie.  His shorts are the same color as my bikini ~ even.

     Natalie imagined that Joe, her long-gone lover in Mexico, when he was younger was just like this kid ~ frankly tall, dark, handsome, but not too greedy or assured about it.

     Natalie missed Joe very much.  She also missed his cock very much.  As a matter of fact, she missed that damn thing too much.

     Natalie sat up ~ with one strategic finger, she raised the fallen strap of her bikini top, back over her smooth shoulder ~ and pulled a cigarette out of no where.  Into her bag she dug ~ pretended to look for a book of matches that she knew wasn't there.  She sighed, turned around and looked at Pete.

     He quickly looked away.

     Natalie smiled and got up, stepped over and stood directly in front of Pete for a long gulp of a moment until he just had to look up at her!  When he did, Natalie knelt on one knee.

     "Would you happen to have a match?"


     Pete pulled a book of matches out of nowhere.  After a few clumsy strikes and despite the breeze, he got Natalie's cigarette lit.  She held his hand steady while he did it ~ and she silently noted the smooth swollen head of a gregarious cock peeking out of his shorts again.

     "Thank you," breathed Natalie.

     She blew a challenging stream of smoke into Pete's face.  The breeze didn't stand a chance of messing it up.  Natalie stood up.  Pete looked up.  Then he hick-up-ed ~


     Like a nice baby-sitter would do it, Natalie smiled, with kind little wrinkles and great easy dimples, down at him.  She then turned her slightly naked crack of slightly hanging but still thriving ass around ~ headed back to her towel.  Before she got there Pete said anything to get back her attention, and what he said was ~

     "You smoke a fantastic cigarette!"


     A deck of cards fell out of the sky.  The breeze shuffled.  Natalie cut.  Pete dealed.  So the two strangers sat cross-legged on their towels at the over-populated beach and played cards.

     Pete occasionally glanced down at the glowing narrow ribbon of bikini between Natalie's fluttering thighs ~ and his heart pounded.

     Natalie occasionally noted a stiff, long necked, little dickens peeking excitedly out the leg of Pete's cut-off jeans ~ and her heart pounded too.

     Natalie leaned over to pick up a card.  Pete caught a dreamy creamy glimpse of her curvaceous Spartan breast.  Natalie leaned over to pick up another card ~ this one a little further away.  Pete caught a dreamier creamier glimpse of that breast ~ this time a hard pale nipple included in the panoramic blessing.  Pete's cock, in turn, grew longer and thicker and more beautifully exposed.

     "I ought to go buy a six pack of beer," said Pete.

     "How about this instead," said Natalie.  She fished in her bag until she found something.  In a tight little fist she brought whatever it was ~ out.  Slowly, just below Pete's nose, her fingers uncurled.  In the palm of her hand was a marijuana joint.


     Between his teeth was stuck a smoky cheroot.  A bit soiled he was ~ from extensive travel.  Under his arm, carefully wrapped in brown paper and string, was his masterpiece.

     That was all he was carrying.  Everything else he had had with him he had given away soon as his work was done, except his toothbrush and the clothes on his back and the modest hat on his head.  The first thing to go had been his pen.  He'd given it to the clean-up boy in the little cantina of the Mexican village high up in the hills where he'd just spent months in isolation.  When finally all he had to carry was the masterpiece, he'd hopped a mule to the depot ~ then a train to the airport ~ and finally a jet to Tijuana.

     Now he was with long steps striding across the border.  All he could think about was Natalie.  Puff went the smoky cheroot.  Joe was coming home!


     Natalie took Pete for a long ride in her hopped-up Rolls Royce to her and Joe's villa, which happened to be located outside of the city, beyond the hills and at the edge of the desert, hidden in the rocks with the rattlesnakes and the illegal aliens.  The two cherubic strangers smoked another joint as they slipped through the scenery ~ arrived at dusk.

     Pete tried two or three times to get a conversation going on the ride out there, but Natalie wouldn't talk.  She just smiled and drove.  Once though, she did reach over and skillfully caress with her fingertips the candy bar cookin' 'tween Pete's legs, and squeezed it a little bit ~ from outside its, uh, wrapper.

     It was a truly original house, simple as an Indian thought, which Natalie drove up to and in front of which she parked ~ surrounded by giant boulders.  Natalie caught Pete gawking at the boulders.

     "Dinosaur eggs," smiled Natalie.

     Pete jumped ~ and in the desert silence looked over at Natalie ~ eye to eye.  "My oh my, you talked."

     Natalie laughed ~ and her eyes, which were blue, glowed like a prayer.

     Pete followed her into the house.  The phone was ringing.  "Oh!" cried Natalie ~ and she ran for it ~ but she picked up the receiver half a second too late.  For a long moment she stood brooding over the dial tone.

     "Is anything wrong?" asked Pete.

     Natalie set the receiver down ~ turned around.  She said, "How can anything be wrong ~ when everything is just right."


     After Joe hung up the pay phone, he hit the side of the road ~ went a hitch-hiking.  He caught a ride in a small private plane ~ don't ask me how.  Twenty minutes later he parachuted into the unfenced backyard of the villa ~ landed in the lengthy evening shadows next to the pool with a great smile on his face.

     As he was about to step by the kitchen window of sweet sweet home, he came to an abrupt standstill.  Something was not right.  He could smell in the air ~ bad news.  Cautiously Joe turned his head ~ looked in the window.

     Pete's back was up against the wall ~ in the kitchen.  Natalie, in her white bikini, was dancing just inches in front of him ~ brushing Pete's body like a butterfly with her fluttering wings.

     Large drops of time trickled by.

     Natalie very very slowly shed her bikini, then attacked Pete's shorts until the wrinkled denim lay at his feet.  They were both now ~ revealed.  Yes, and Natalie slipped her arms around Pete's neck and pulled herself up the front of him until her legs were hooked around his waist.

     And Joe saw.  Outside in the night he turned into a camera and took pictures that would stay forever in his head.  He saw!

     Pete's strong towering cock gently kissed Natalie's wet pussy ~ again and again and again ~ then slowly, so incredibly slowly, disappeared into it.  Natalie closed her eyes.  Tightly with her arms and legs she held on.  One of her entire breasts ~ Pete seemed to swallow.  He cradled her adorable ass in his hands ~ pushed her up off his meaty tower ~ then let her fall down on it ~ again and again and oh so slowly again ~ until a certain high momentum was reached ~ and the whole room was full of panting, gnashing hunger!

     Outside in the night a masterpiece fell in the flowers.  The moon glowed. Coyotes howled.  On the masterpiece splattered Joe's lonely cum.


     Joe went looking for a rope.  He found one under the outdoor privy.  A good stout one.

     In the dewy morning, lost in the landscape, he stood on a dinosaur egg under a large Joshua tree.  To a branch of the tree he had tied one end of the rope.  On the other end of the rope he had made a hangman's noose.

     Now it was around his neck.

     A river of tear ridiculed his cheek.  He stepped off the rock and ~



     "I never did get your name."

     "You never will."

     "Don't you at least wanna know my name?"

     "Not particularly."  Natalie sarcastically left Pete wondering in front of a topless go-go bar and drove back to the villa.  As she drove she felt nice and warm inside and smiled.  She would make it just fine now 'til Joe got back.  Her brightened eyes dimmed as she wondered how her talented hard-working husband was doing.

     At home she fixed a magic drink.  While drinking it, she gazed absentmindedly out the kitchen window at a brown paper and string wrapped object, with a damp stain on it, lying in the flowers.

(copyright Clyde Collins 1989/2011)

                  photo copyright 2010 by Lucretia                        


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