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Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016

On The Edge


Her Grounds




I don't know how

I got inside her mind

But here I am


Thorns everywhere

Decaying logs

Too much heat


The grounds

In this particular zone

Of her horizonless psych

Are pillaged by storm

Untilled & unfulfilled


The pathway to her office

In this steaming sector

Is deliberately

Unsafe & unwilling



After days of slipping & tripping

I knock on Madam Beloved's office door

It begins spinning in front of me



Standing in a lake of my own

Swirling sweat

I knock again



Like a Chinese puzzle

the door slowly unlocks

There she sits behind her desk

Peering down the cyber highway

Her fingers delicately playing with

One of her earlobes


I must say

Her office begs a meticulous description

But describing the ceiling will do

Seeing as it is a live fully-endowed

Upside down

Prairie dog town



"You're coffee, Madam"

I announce &

Set the silver platter on her desk

"Thank you, Rawclyde!"

She replies

Her delicate nostrils so

High in the air

I cannot help but admire

How clean they are &

Her nose

So beautiful

No wonder I love!

I love!


"You may sit"

Says She

"After all we're equals"

She rolls her eyeballs

& picks up

Off the silver platter

Nex' the coffee pot

My plan to serve a catered luncheon

 For her and her friends



The spinning starts up again

When it stops I am upside down

The prairie dog town is right side up

Little animals chasing around

Our bispectacled heroine has a big bongo 'tween her knees

And the beat begins


I am a tumble

A somersaulting yo-yo

Possessed by

Drum Diva

Who slowly slowly increases

Drum Drama

'Til all is a frenzy


I am

Left flat on my back

Forever to be her property

The bandit babe of my soul stands over me


Like a parade of women

Marching across my ragged face




I am  loyal

I am enslaved

Her metaphor-crystalized

Philadelphia-splattered &


Senior citizen


Up & bungling in

A New Dawn



And I am


By the shadowy muse

Eerily standing behind Ms. Beloved with

A jealous hand on her shoulder



"See you later, butler"



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